BOOMERTOWN with Barry Bowman and Roger Currie

Plus Roger's Greatest Moment in Sports - "The Phantom Punch"

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You asked us for more so here it is.  Hit songs frrom 1963, Roger's chat with TV'S Lou Grant, Ed Asner, Barry and Roger disagree with each other's Must-See Movie choice plus we recall the dramatic 1972 Summit Series of hockey. Team Canada aginst the Russkies.

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Check out Rick Forchuck's predictions and listen to classic acceptance speeces from the past.

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4 out of 5 for Stump! Good goin" Roger! The guys recommend It Happpened to Jane and Lost in Yonkers

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Just how did Jack Lemon get that Ensign Pulver role? Jack explains to Roger in an interview from the past.

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What did John Lennon tell Red Robinson to do? Really???!!!

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Must see movies: Papillion and a doumentary on Pete Seeger. Plus WHO AM I?

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Join our office party and have some egg nog!

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Roger does it again! Five for five!!!

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Two Must-See Movies from 1967: Point Blank and In the Heat Of the Night.

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